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Telehealth Counselling Australia

What is Telehealth Counselling?

Telehealth counselling, also known online counselling, telehealth therapy, remote therapy, zoom counselling, etc., is a counselling session that is provided over phone or video. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth counselling in Australia has become a popular mode of deliver for therapists and clients alike. With nothing more than a stable internet connection or phone line, telehealth counselling allows everyone in Australia access to mental health services, regardless of their location. The majority of counsellors and psychologists in Australia now conducted telehealth therapy sessions, with many having up to 50% or more of their clients engaged via video.

Telehealth Counselling Australia

What Can Telehealth Counselling in Australia Help Me With?

Every issue that may be discussed in face to face counselling can also be explored in an online session. This may include but is not limited to:

Depression & Anger

Anxiety & Stress

Addiction & Substance Abuse

Motivation & Life Direction

Motivation & Life Direction


The Benefits of Telehealth Counselling Australia

What Are The Benefits of a Telehealth Counsellor?

Greater Access

There are any number of reasons why someone may find it difficult to get to a therapy session. Here are some of the most common benefits of having online therapy as opposed to face-to-face.

Reduced Time & Cost

With traffic, fuel prices and time constraints, making your way to see a therapist can be added time and money, particularly if you have to take that time away from work or running your own business. A telehealth psychologist in Australia removes this added time, hassle, and stress.

Convenient With Work Hours

Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day to commute to see a therapist. Telehealth counselling allows some clients to have a session at their workplace either immediately before or after work or during their work or lunch hours. If you need to negotiate time off with your boss, it may be easier to ask for the 50-minute session, rather than the session plus any time commuting.

Reduced Waiting Times

Often therapists may have limited availability with the physical space in which they work. With telehealth therapy and online counselling there are more times available for both client and the counsellor, which allows for waiting times to be reduced to weeks whereas they otherwise may have been months.


It can be daunting for many people to go to someone else’s space, sit in a waiting room, thinking about what you’re going to discuss and then go and have an open conversation. Online counselling allows you to choose your own space, so you can feel as comfort, familiar and safe with your surroundings as you would like.

Secure & Confidential

Some people report that coming to a local face-to-face therapist may bring up concerns of security and confidentiality. Not everyone wants the rest of the world to know that they are going to therapy. This is important for those in rural and small communities, where they may know their counsellor personally, and they may want a more discrete service.

Are There Disadvantages of Telehealth Counselling?

Unfortunately, an internet connection isn’t always stable, so it’s important that the client find a relatively strong connection. On top of this, not everyone is comfortable using technology. Fortunately, video calls are very straightforward, you simply receive a link in your email before the call and open the link to join the call – many platforms don’t require you to download an additional application. Finally, if you are doing therapy on your phone, you may receive emails, alerts or notifications that can be distracting.

Making The Most of Telehealth Counselling Australia

How to Make The Most of Telehealth Counselling?

Set Up A Safe & Comfortable Space

It’s important to make the most of therapy that you feel like you can speak freely. Make sure that you find a secure room where you’re not concerned about who might be able to hear what you talk about in the session. You might also want to bring a drink, like coffee or tea, as well as some tissues to your counselling session.

Make Sure There Are No Distractions

Before starting a telehealth counselling session its vital that you remove all potential distractions. This means letting others know that you’ll be in a private session, turning your phone on silent or aeroplane mode, switching off all emails and notifications and using headphones if possible.

Treat It As A Face-To-Face Session

Although you might be used to being distracted when on your devices, if you treat an online therapy session like it were a face to face session, you’ll make sure you get the most out of it.

Check Your Internet

It’s not always easy to have a smooth internet connection, but if you can make sure that others in your household aren’t using the bandwith via large downloads, or if you can have a back-up internet solution, such as a hotspot on your phone, then it will help the process to run more smoothly.

Bring Notes to Your Session

If you like to write, journal or just keep notes in your phone, you might want to bring some notes to your therapy session. This can be an additional way to offer the therapist more insight into your day to day life outside of the time you spend together in session.

How is Telehealth Counselling Delivered?

Telehealth counselling is delivered via phone or video sessions. You only need a mobile or landline phone for a phone session. The online therapist will call you. For video sessions, you’ll need a phone, tablet, or laptop, access to email and a stable internet connection. I use Zoom counselling as my preferred platform as it is secure and confidential. However, if you have a preferred software, such as Skype or Microsoft Teams, this can be discussed.

Where Can You Give Telehealth Counselling?

I can offer Telehealth therapy and online counselling in Australia anywhere that has a stable internet connection. Clients are often in areas such as: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo.

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