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Ben offers Logotherapy to help guide you towards a sense of meaning and fulfillment. Logotherapy is an approach to psychotherapy that is based on the idea that finding meaning in life is a core driver that is linked to an individual sense of happiness, motivation and wellbeing.

What is Logotherapy?

In Logotherapy there is an emphasis on the search for meaning as a central motivational driver. Instead of focusing primarily on someone’s past history, thoughts and behaviour, internal conflicts or other aspects of an individual’s experience, logotherapy looks to uncover how someone finds and makes meaning in their life.

Logotherapy was developed by Australian Psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) after his experience in concentration camps during the Second World War. His most popular book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ is part autobiography of his experiences and part an outline of the theory of logotherapy.

You may have also heard Logotherapy referenced in the book “The Road Less Travelled” by M. Scott Peck or “Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life – Hector Garcia.”

Three Core Principles of Logotherapy

There are three core principles of Logotherapy:

Freedom of Will: This is the belief that everyone has the capacity to choose their response (including their attitude) to any given situation. This might be internal (e.g. negative thoughts) or external (e.g. financial pressures).

Will to Meaning: The motivation to find meaning and purpose is at the core of the human experience and is an important part of allowing us to be happy, fulfilled and resilient against depression, addiction and other challenging emotional experiences.

Meaning in Life: Meaning in life is something that can be discovered through meaningful activities or experiences (creative work, relationships, suffering and change) or cultivated through intentional practice (gratitude, values work, meditation, journaling).

Is Logotherapy right for me?

If you have had any of the following thoughts or questions, Logotherapy might be right for you:

“I want more meaning in my life.”

“How can I find more purpose in my work?”

“Why does my life sometimes feel a bit flat or meaningless?”
“What is the meaning of life?”

“What do I truly value in life?”

“How can I stay motivated when life feels a bit boring?”

“Does my life have a greater purpose?”

“How can I find meaning in my suffering?”

“How can I find more meaningful connections with others?”

What can Logotherapy help me with?

Logotherapy can be a transformative experience for anyone who is going through challenging times, or who simply want to grow from their suffering. Some of the reasons people try and see a logotherapist are:

Depression and Anxiety: finding a deeper sense of meaning can help relieve feelings of hopelessness and reduce worries about the future.

Grief and Loss: Losing people we love can trigger some of the bigger questions in life. Logotherapy can help us to cope with grief and loss.

Life Transitions: Whenever big changes happen in life, we are faced with questions about who we are and why we are here. Logotherapy can help you navigate life transitions whether they are related to work, family, relationships, identity or otherwise.

Health Issues: When we come face to face with health issues it can often be a scary wake-up call. Logotherapy can help us find meaning in the face of health challenges.  

What does a Logotherapy session look like?

Ben’s approach to Logotherapy incorporates other schools of existential psychotherapy to help you find out exactly what meaning in life looks like for you. Each session may focus around a particular theme such as meaninglessness, freedom, responsibility, loneliness, love, life and death. This will depend on what is happening in your life, and there may be specific skills or techniques that are put into practice to help you cultivate meaning.

If you are in Melbourne, Ben offers Logotherapy-informed psychotherapy in Richmond. He also offers online therapy via Telehealth Australia-wide: Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide – basically anywhere with a stable internet connection!

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